Finding a reputable and useful Antivirus Software that is free is not so hard to find anymore, (AVG,Avira,Avast,etc) but what is hard to find is the right Antivirus to use.

Below is a list of my recommended Antivirus Software as well as my most favorite  and most recommended Antivirus:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0 – Malwarebytes is a wonderful free Antivirus solution, I’ve used their anti rootkit tool numerous times to restore virus plagued computers that suffered with the zero access rootkit( a nasty rootkit that only allows you to open IE(if you’re lucky) which subsequently just redirects the browser to malicious websites.  The amount of success I’ve had with using Malwarebytes software makes me recommend their Antivirus software to personal as well as business users.


AVG Antivirus Free 2015 – This Antivirus solution is aimed for personal users only but don’t let the word “free” fool you. AVG’s reputation has increased over their years, their software has been heavily developed into a more optimized solution that isn’t as resource heavy as some competitors like Norton for instance. I use AVG personally on my computer at home and would highly recommend it to a business as well as a home user.


Avast: Avast is a decent Antivirus solution. It does its job well enough, protects a computer from threats, and notifies you when there’s an update for the software and if there was a virus detection. However I highly dislike that its default settings leave me with the discomfort of listening to a voice constantly bother me to update the software, tell me to scan my PC, etc. It’s pretty gimmicky and honestly not needed to have a voice notify you of everything. My gripe with this is also if I’m in the middle of watching a video the Avast would interrupt and you’d hear the annoying robot voice instead of the video. So to be blunt, Avast is not good for a business and I really can’t say I’d recommend it to a home user either. I’d only say to use Avast if you can’t stand AVG or Malwarebytes as they are in my opinion much better alternatives.

My choice: AVG Free 2015

I have to choose AVG because personally it’s kept me protected from viruses for quite some time now and gives you real time protection at no cost. For businesses you do have to get the business license but even that I would recommend because it’s such a stable software and doesn’t seem to cause conflicts with other software installed on a workstation.