Google Docs is the cloud based competitor of Microsoft Office 365. Unlike Microsoft’s $9.99 monthly subscription fee for 365 however, Google Docs is entirely free for up to 15 GB of cloud storage. I would consider Google Drive your own personal flash drive on the cloud. Anything from Linux ISO’s to Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint documents, Excel spreadsheets, even Microsoft database files could be backed up to the cloud to prevent costs to companies. One standout feature that I highly admire on Google’s part is the fact that every keystroke you make when editing your document gets saved as multiple revisions. Every change you make can be reverted if necessary. There is a bit of comfort knowing you won’t lose your documents since they are safely backed up and replicated to multiple servers out of the thousands that Google owns. If you have never used Google Docs or Google Drive before I highly recommend you start doing so because it will be the best productivity tool for you to utilize.

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