A couple  years ago if someone told me we’d have a printer that would print out food that you could actually eat I would have laughed and said there would be no way that could be possible. Now, in 2014 what would once be considered an off the wall and impossible idea is now a reality. Essentially, the Foodini machine is a 3D printer with components that print out ingredients instead of plastics  onto these stainless steel capsules. This machine is quite an amazing piece of hardware with the abilities it has. It not only just prints food for people to eat, it actually utilizes cloud technology that essentially has a database of different recipes to make food. Users can also control the device remotely via their smartphone as well. In the future the device will have the ability to not only print the ingredients but cook them as well and have a freshly made meal right out of the printer itself.  The price of the machine is expected to be around $1000. They’re working on making already made capsules (kind of like ink cartridges) with the ingredients required to make your dinner.  Technology around us is constantly improving and changing right before our very eyes. The machine has already successfully made foods such as pizza. It fascinates me that one day I could be sitting in my office with this machine plugged in and have a fresh and hot meal preservative free to boot, and have it ready within minutes without me even having to leave my office space. With technology like this now coming to light, it’s only a matter of time before the next big technological invention is upon us.

Link: http://www.cnn.com/2014/11/06/tech/innovation/foodini-machine-print-food/index.html?hpt=te_t1