North Korea’s network fell victim to a major DDOS attack originating allegedly from the United States. It has been speculated that this was a revenge attack because of North Korea infiltrating Sony’s network and stealing sensitive information. The president of North Korea expressed condemnation of the release of Sony’s movie “The Interview” an “act of war” if it would be released to the public prior to this attack.   This just goes to show you that no network is a hundred percent secure and anybody can fall prey to being hacked.  From the information I found about North Korea their networks aren’t as advanced as other countries like the United States. It can be assumed that if their entire network got brought down they didn’t have a lot of redundancy and didn’t have backup servers to defend against such a powerful attack.  North Korea may be out for revenge because of this and we’ll have to wait and see. An attack on our networks in the United States is likely since North Korea likes to play the bully in high school role and try to intimidate everyone. However, I don’t believe our networks will go down since we have several internet service providers around the nation whereas North Korea has only one ISP and has a connection with China’s internet.  They also only have 1,024 IP addresses as of December 2014 (according to Wikipedia.) If there’s anything that can be taken from this is that we all need to improve the security of our networks and protect ourselves better from outside attacks.